Cadieux Paris advocates for feminine yet strong women by merging classical Parisian style with a trendy twist.

With uncompromising emphasis on the product quality, we are a movement that celebrates and enriches the female figure by creating  sophisticated, chic and strong looks for every woman that seeks to feel unique and empowered


By combining the mastery of exquisite production, with the Parisian DNA and a global mindset we are dedicated to building a 100% European brand that is praised for its exquisite product quality and impeccable image


Encompassing both women’s wear, men’s wear as well as niche accessories and skin care divisions, Cadieux strives to become the next mogul brand in the luxury industry



Born into a Croatian entrepreneurial family, Klara has firstly persued her passion for lifestyle by being a multiple brand ambassador throughout Europe and US.

At the time of her life in Dubai, she started developing her designs and introducing them to women.

The inspiration arose as a collection of her experiences in Paris, New York, Florence, Casablanca, Milano, Sanghai, Dubai, Oslo, Dakar. Klara was taken by surprise when she realized that the potential of her ideas has surpassed a scale of just a small fashion business.

Today, the brand Cadieux is growing into a strong, female run Parisian company with an international following. Klara’s creations can be seen on the runways as well as at events such as the Venetian Imperial Ball, Cannes Film Festival and Concert Halls.

In her own words, Klara: I am lucky to have found people with whom I can share my vision with. Together we have merged our passions, skills and ideas into a brand that proudly carries the name Cadieux. Our purpose is to create effortlessly chic fashion for women across the globe. This idea is the very core of our brand because we believe that fashion should be liberating instead of restrictive. Our designs are inspired by the old and the new, melancholy and romance, strength and fragility. We celebrate and empower womanhood and femininity. Cadieux is a family company that has in four years grown into a distinguished brand and there is no greater pleasure than seeing it develop to the extent when people recognize it on the streets.